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Sept. 29 Training and Goodwill Sail

Volunteer Stephanie Ann Farra shares some beautiful photos she shot during our Sept. 29 goodwill sail.

Concerning the sail, we have to acknowledge an ‘unsung’ hero. Marcus Brandt and Marston Black-Simmons provided the following:

The Training and Goodwill sails last Sunday would have been forced to cancel if not for the behind-the-scenes efforts of Patrick Flynn and the Emergency Response Team. In the early hours of Saturday morning, Vandals slipped the stern lines off the pilings and set them adrift. Pete Bailey, our live-aboard, ever-vigilant shipmate spotted the problem and called the Emergency team. Patrick and Robin Schimp showed up at 2 am. They recovered one line and found that the other had been fouled on something in the water. Much of Saturday was spent by Sean Null and Pete trying every trick in the book to free the line, but to no avail. As the crew was gathering for the sail training Sunday morning, Patrick donned his wet suit and diving gear. After ten minutes in the chilly autumn water, Patrick surfaced to report that the line had wrapped around two blades of the propeller and around the hub as well….and was now freed and the prop clear. An extra rum ration and the crew’s thanks is due to Patrick for his timely service … above and beyond the call. Make that a hot-rum!
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