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Classes are Free!

Signup is not required but is encouraged. No last day of registration. 

Disclaimer : Those who don't signup can not be contacted if class needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.

Join our Crew Training Classes!


All Level 1 training classes offered quarterly. Other training classes as interest permits. See the detailed descriptions of our classes below.


For upcoming dates, check out our Events page, here.


Intro to the Guild, 1- 2 hrs

Learn who we are, what we do and how to get involved. Great for new members and anyone just curious. Get the history of the ship and the organization, ask all the questions.

How to be a Safe Shipmate, 1-2 hrs

Learn how to stay safe when volunteering on the boat, including basics of personal protective equipment and emergency procedures. Learn how to be a responsible and respectful member of the boat community and look out for your shipmates.

Vessel Familiarization, 1-2 hrs

Get an in-depth tour of all three vessels managed by PSPG (Gazela, Jupiter, and Poplar). Learn what to look out for to make sure the vessels are safe, and pick up some new nomenclature.

Line Handling 1-2 hrs

Learn and practice techniques for handling lines, including docklines, running rigging, and gantlines.


Basic Knots, 1-2 hrs

Learn and practice the most-frequently used knots. Feel free to ask if there are specific knots you want to learn

Aloft Training, 2 hrs

Learn what equipment to use and how to stay safe when climbing Gazela’s rig.
Suggested prerequisites:
- Get your own (or borrow) a fixed blade knife and marlinespike with belt sheath (something like this is a fine starting option)
- Ideally, participate in all other classes first, but if you haven’t had the chance, make sure to catch them next time

Requirements: Must be at least 16 years of age, or 14 with a parent’s participation. Closed toed shoes are required and COVID vaccinations are highly recommended. Be sure to wear something that is not movement restrictive, too loose (as to catch on machinery), or something that you don’t want to get dirty! Many of our ship restoration and preservation activities will leave you covered in dirt, paint, sweat and sawdust.

Visit us
down at Penn's Landing Marina

The Barkentine Gazela is located at Penn’s Landing – Columbus Blvd. and Market St. – South of the RiverRink (101 S Christopher Columbus Blvd.)


The Tugboat Jupiter is located just south of Gazela.

Our barge Poplar is further north (next to Penn’s Landing Dog Park).

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