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Volunteerism is the keel on which the vessel of our organization is built. Our volunteer crew members come to the PSPG from all walks of life but are unified by shared interest and purpose through the Guild. 

The Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild (PSPG) is a volunteer-centered, non-profit 501C(3) tax-exempt organization responsible for the official Tall Ship of the City of Philadelphia. Anchored by a socially-conscious business model, guided by strong values, and powered by a close-knit community, we are dedicated to preserving historic ships and teaching seamanship, restoration skills, and maritime science and culture.


We seek to share and teach skills, particularly maritime skills, that empower all members of the Philadelphia community to experience the history and real opportunities that our harbor and connection to the sea has to offer.


We are committed to respecting the land and water where we operate and venture, beginning with the important acknowledgment that the city we call home is built on indigenous land historically belonging to the Lenape people. We equally strive to be good stewards of the resources, skills, effort, and good will entrusted to us, and seek to grow these and reflect them back to the People of the City we serve.

Mission & History



Offer community members an opportunity to learn physical trades skills and introduce them to the employment possibilities in the maritime industries.


Partner with local educational institutions to develop and provide educational programs for youth and adults through engaging experiences that explore maritime culture, seamanship, nautical engineering, restorative trade skills, marine biology, leadership and problem solving


Preserve and maintain the historic vessels in our care to provide the public with a tangible link to the history of seafaring and shipbuilding in Philadelphia and the world

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