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Planned Giving to the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild

In shipbuilding, the keel is the foundation upon which the entire ship is built. What provides an even keel in your life? Is it your family and friends, the community where you live and work? Perhaps the Guild provided a pivotal experience that changed your life. Likewise, the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild depends on a small, but reliable ‘even keel’ of income from an Endowment. The Gazela Primeiro Preservation Fund is an endowment fund that was established about a decade ago and provides funding for ongoing maintenance of the Gazela. To build on this “keel” we need your help. Your planned investment in this preservation fund will ensure that we can maintain Gazela into the future.

Alternately, your planned gift could help Gazela in the near term. A gift from your IRA could help fund the major rebuilding of Gazela, while lowering your annual tax burden. Likewise, you can name the Guild as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or IRA, benefitting the Guild, while decreasing the tax bite felt by your family.

If your heart remains firmly in thrall of Jupiter, all of these options also exist with the funds being dedicated for the care of our favorite tugboat. Contact our Development team to ensure that the donation is properly directed to the benefit of Jupiter. Current contact information for the PSPG Development Committee Planned Giving liaisons is listed at the bottom of this page.

Funds in the Gazela Primeiro Preservation Fund are carefully cultivated by professional investment managers at the Haverford Trust, a well-respected local firm that shepherds the finances of many local non-profits. Although the funds in the Endowment benefit the Gazela, they hold and administer them prudently and profitably. We hope you will consider adding your contribution to this campaign.

Donate securities or stocks: Take advantage of tax benefits; a professional investment manager will help with your donation. The Endowment fund is held at Haverford Trust, please contact Allison Wilk at if you have questions about how to donate stocks or securities to the Gazela Primeiro Preservation Fund.

Make a bequest: Bequests are the most popular type of deferred gift. You can include a gift in your original will or revocable living trust, or add one later by an amendment. The gift can be for a specific amount of money, specific piece of property, or a percentage of your estate. Once family, friends, and other loved ones are cared for, PSPG can find a place as part of your life’s legacy. The following is sample bequest language to share with your attorney:

I, [name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath to the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.

Retirement Plan Assets: You may designate the Guild as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement assets (such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans) and PSPG will receive the funds upon your passing. The entire balance or just a portion may be designated for PSPG’s use. If you wish, you may make an outright gift from these same assets during your lifetime; this would benefit the Guild immediately. Retirement assets (such as 401(k)s and IRAs) can generate estate and income taxes, leaving little for your heirs, but by designating PSPG as a beneficiary you can potentially avoid these taxes while supporting the Guild and the ships.

Contribute Tax-Free to PSPG through your IRA: If you are older than 70½ and must take your Required Minimum Distribution from an IRA, please consider having a portion of it sent directly to the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild. This way you have fulfilled part of your requirement for the RMD, you pay zero taxes on the distribution, and the Guild gets a donation from a loyal supporter. The requirement to avoid all taxes on your part is that the donation must transfer directly from the IRA trustee to PSPG. You can designate it either for your annual donation or for a donation to the PSPG Endowment. Both will ensure that PSPG can continue to maintain the ships that you love.

Life Insurance Gifts: Should you have a paid-up life insurance policy that you no longer need, you may make a gift of it by transferring the policy outright to the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild or by naming the Gazela Primeiro Preservation Fund as a beneficiary, similar to retirement assets.

If you would like to share your plans with PSPG, please use this Planned Giving Confirmation Card. Confirmed donors become part of the Legacy Navigators, our circle of Leadership donors. For more information, please contact PSPG Development Committee Planned Giving liaisons, Terrance Gerlich or Ellen Leung Church at

For immediate donations or monthly recurring donations please see our Donation Page.

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