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What do our volunteers do?

Volunteers are the ones that put the sails on the ship and make sure all the blocks and lines are in good working condition.

Volunteers work on every aspect of vessel restoration, including putting in new hull planks.

Volunteers learn new skills to help with vessel maintenance; here we have one of our volunteers caulking the newly-installed hull planks. Caulking is an integral part of wooden vessel maintenance, as it seals up the seams between planks.

Volunteers who are mechanically inclined, or wish to learn, are able to work with the ships' systems and mechanical systems.

Volunteers are afforded opportunities to learn as much as possible; here, a volunteer gets a steering and navigation lesson from an experienced captain.

Volunteers get to exciting and interesting things; here we have two of our volunteers cutting a large oak tree into pieces that can be turned into parts of the ship.

Volunteers can contribute a wide variety of skills, from cooking and ship maintenance, to grant writing and working in the office; there's something for everyone.

Whether sailing the ship to different ports or putting in a day of work, volunteers are part of a dedicated, hard-working crew who can rely on each other in all situations.

Don't know how to tie knots, paint, or sail a ship? Don't worry: volunteers don't need prior experience, and there are many experienced volunteers who will gladly teach skills and knowledge to those willing to learn.

Underway, the volunteers not only steer the ship, but they do everything from setting sail, cleaning and cooking, to sailing maneuvers and keeping lookout for other vessels. Without our volunteers, the ships would not be able to go anywhere.
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