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Welcome to new members Andy Creyer and Stephanie Farra who not only joined but participated in Sail Handling and the ship move to Pier 3…way to jump right in…and Andy lives in Reading.

It was good to see Peter O’Toole up from Florida and helping out on Gazela…he ‘supervised’ the disassembly of the sail locker as Susan Clarke and Laura Bogan finessed the pieces into the hold.

We received an e-mail from former members Ann and Rick Pantaleoni stating that they will be back.

In other news, former member Steve Tuttle is now with the Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum. They have recently restored the 1935 Trumpy built 31 foot wooden sailboat Rip Tide. It’s auxiliary motor is electric. He describes her as a ‘little tall ship’ and she will be open for visiting at Wiggins Marina on September 28th from 4 to 7 p.m. There will be entertainment, food and a welcome by Mayor Dana Redd. Tickets will be on sale soon so check their website for more information.

Dorothy Grosick dropped the office an e-mail noting she is back on the distribution list after falling off. She also reports the Tina is doing OK and wanted the members to know.

Nancy and Lou Linden are on a sailing adventure in the UK and Europe on Barry Duckworth…their boat named after a former guild member and one of the crew lost on Pride of Baltimore. Updates will shared in future newsletters, but here is wishing them nothing but the fairest of seas on their journey.

In closing, there is a lot going on in the next month and into October. We will need lots of volunteers…if you haven’t done a dockside event this year, jump in there. Similarly weekends on Gazela and Jupiter are getting a little lonely although there was a large crowd out last weekend and during the week replacing Jupiter’s generator.

Summer is just about over so you may find you have some spare time to come on down and help. Please do. There have been discussions with Anna Frangiosa (one of our great cooks) about having a pancake breakfast to draw a crowd — her idea. While this may sound like a bribe it is actually a pre-thank you for the hard work you will put in after the pancakes…and who knows there may even be an opportunity for a sing-along after the work day…keep posted.

—From Al Ponessa

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