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November News

Since we last left off, Gazela and Jupiter were featured in the Old City Seaport Festival right here in Philadelphia. The weekend started with a parade of ships, lead by Gazela and included Pride of Baltimore II, Kalmar Nyckel, Mystic Whaler, Virginia, A. J. Meerwald, and Hindu.

More about the festival and the WHYY FM fundraiser after the jump.

It was a rainy parade but we didn’t let that stop us. The rest of the weekend weather was dryer, but strong winds off the river put a kink in the Saturday pirate battle…which was restaged on Sunday. Gazela was the ‘good guy’ being circled and attacked by those rowdy pirate ships. We certainly held our own with numerous ‘good’ pirates aboard including Marston Black-Simmons, Chris Simmons, Leon, Robin Schimpf, Phyl Landes, Matt Newcomer, Tony and Janet Souza, Ed Stemmler, and some other “civilians”. We adeptly returned fire with muskets and cannons alike. Scott Cointot ably positioned us to provide a target rich environment…we were pretty much surrounded.

During the weekend, there were plenty of visitors on both ships and the volunteer crews had opportunities to visit the other ships. The weekend was completed with a volunteer dinner at the Independence Seaport Museum, giving all a chance to socialize with crews of the visiting ships while enjoying ‘dark and stormy’ beverages and a great buffet. Thanks also to Gina Pickton for organizing the liaisons for the ships and other festival volunteers.

Shortly after the Old City Seaport Festival, volunteers representing Jupiter and Gazela staffed the phones at WHYY FM for their fundraising efforts. WHYY made it known to their thousands of listeners that the Guild was in the house. A big thanks to the following volunteers for their time and effort to promote the guild by their presence: Eric Lorgus, Lisa Kolibabek, Leslie Weitz, Rita Fox, Deirdre Ryan, Tom Brown, Julie Baker, Debbie Greenspan and Robin Schimpf. If you missed this chance to help out there will be more chances in the future…perhaps even for the TV fundraiser where you will get to be seen by the audience.

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