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Memorable Annual Dinner at the Corinthian Yacht Club

Alice Krieg receives the Gazela Volunteer of the Year award at the PSPG Annual Dinner.

Jack and Dale Little receive the Jupiter Volunteers of the Year award.

Our annual dinner was held on January 31 at a great venue, The Corinthian Yacht Club in Essington. Those who attended were treated to a great time with good food, beverages, a silent auction, companionship and a great opportunity to mingle with shipmates dressed in their finest.

Marston Black-Simmons organized the event and provided another memorable evening. Eric Lorgus introduced the guest speaker, Capt. Jay Bolton who reminisced about the 1984 trip to Quebec City as a video of the trip played in the background. Another member of the crew during that trip was also present, Nick Horvath. Capt. Bolton told some great stories including transporting 3 crew members from the sunk vessel Marquis. He also relayed his response to a passing ship who’s master commented on Gazela’s beauty and grace with the answer “…of course, she is Portuguese.”

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the annual awards. Alice Krieg received the Gay Burgiel Award for Gazela Volunteer of the Year. Jack Little and his dad Dale Little received the Captain Jim Anderson Award for Jupiter Volunteers of the Year. Ann Preston was recognized for her tireless efforts in the office with a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.

Mel Strieb was awarded a new award, named in honor of Bobby—the Bobby Fleming Administrator of the Year. Other volunteers received certificates for logging in hundreds of hours. Congratulations to these well deserving volunteers. Without folks like them and all the other volunteers the Guild would be unable to function.

An additional award, the William Wikoff Smith Award will be presented at “Gazela 43” on July 8th.

The evening ended with the conclusion of the silent auction where many of the prized articles were wool watch caps knitted by Danie Martin.

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