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December News

Jupiter, topped with tree, alongside Poplar

For those who attended the annual meeting on December 3, you heard Eric Lorgus provide some insights to potential 2014 trips—Norfolk and Baltimore. The latter is special because September 14, 2014 is the 200th Anniversary of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. There will be tall ships, fireworks, music and lots of flag waving. More information about the Star-Spangled Spectacular is available on their web site. While nothing is firm yet, these will be two great trips. Norfolk Harborfest is a perennial favorite and Baltimore has really taken a liking to us in recent years and is interested in our participation in this historic event.

Also at the December meeting new directors were elected to the board and some others were re-elected (both for a 3 year term). Officers were also elected or re-elected to their 1 year term. The results are:

President – Eric Lorgus Vice President – Al Ponessa (new) Secretary – Marston Black-Simmons (new) Treasurer – Chip Herr (new position)

Other directors who were elected/re-elected are: Mike Matulewicz (new) Bob Wombwell (new) Monica Santoro (new) Robin Schimpf Paul Trenholm Jesse Lebovics

Continuing directors are: Hank Bilhuber Rob Rustchak John Lehman

Departing the board was Scott Cointot who has just started a new business that is off and successfully running keeping him very busy so he did not wish to be re-elected. Good luck and thanks for the years on the board and your dedication to the Guild and our ships.

Congratulations to all. Thanks also to the guild members who attended. It was great to see Ed Walsh representing the old guard and Marisa March a brand new member along with Andy Creyer, Steph Farra and Matt Newcomer. There were some 30 plus members who attended.

As mentioned above, Jupiter did not get to deliver Santa this year. The weather delayed his flight from the North Pole! Nevertheless, about 38 Jupiter-ians showed up for the cancelled event and used the time to help get cover frames loaded on Gazela—a well needed effort—thanks. The the tug parade went off as planned, with our ‘stand-by’ Santa who waved to the adoring audience that braved the elements. Laurine Valenti, feeling much better, came on down for the event. Hope to see more of you in the future.

And if the weekend weren’t busy enough, we moved Gazela south, well not very far south, just down the landing a bit to make room for the USS Somerset commissioning early next year. Complicating the move, there were not enough cleats at our new location, so the Marine Committee purchased and installed a new cleat so Gazela could be tied up safe and sound.

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