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Winter Work Updates

Work on the windlass continues as we demolish the starboard windlass post and strip the ratchets and pawl rack from the windlass drum.

This windlass pawl rack was fabricated by Patrick about ten years ago, and now it’s getting stripped of paint and having welds inspected and refinished. We’re hoping to give all the windlass iron work this treatment so that it goes back together in top condition.

Bulwark planking and a hull plank are being demolished for replacement, and we continue prepping the rest of the starboard hull for paint.

Al Hinkey made a beautiful replacement for the aft companionway slide.

Spars are being scraped and prepared for varnish. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to help! Even a couple of hours makes a big difference.

Work in the engine room continues. Stop by and check out our shiny engine! Mary Walker, with help from volunteers, has stripped down the engine and repainted it. This is part of the ongoing project of getting our engine room in tip-top shape.

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