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More on Day Sails, Training and Tours

In the upcoming weeks there will be some opportunities to crew while we move the ship as well as crewing on some daytime goodwill sails. Some of these sails will be in the afternoon, in which case there will be an opportunity for the crew to practice with a morning underway before taking the guests on board. If you haven’t sailed much, this is a great opportunity to learn line handling, hoisting sails, standing watch as helmsman, lookout, runner and boat-check.

If you have sailed this is a great opportunity to hone those skills and learn new ones… have you ever thrown a heaving line? Or more importantly do you need practice to get the line ashore on the first try. The crew calls will start shortly so check your e-mail. The tentative dates are: September 14th (Goodwill Sail); September 29th (Goodwill Sail) and ship moves as well as dockside events associated with the 2nd Annual Old City Seaport Festival (October 11th to 13th).

Level 1 Training will take place in October and the date, time will be announced separately with associated sign-ups.

Thanks to Mike Pettine who has been conducting tours onboard during the week. This is a great way to attract new members. Similarly Jerry Wiegand has been conducting tours on weekends. Thanks to both of you. The contribution box thanks you as well.

—From Al Ponessa

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