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Gazela in Baltimore

Guests waiting to visit Gazela react with excitement to Blue Angels overhead, Sept. 11.

Blue Angels over USCG Barque Eagle, Sept. 11.

The bandstand sits right front of Gazela's bow. Navy band is amazing.

Engineer Jack discovers he can entertain young visitors AND pump the bilges at the same time, Sept. 11.

Robert displays our guest counter at end of day 1 visits in Baltimore. Only Thursday and the count reads 2027.

Pride of Baltimore II bathed in sunset glow before fireworks, as seen from Gazela at Baltimore Inner Harbor, Sept. 13.

Twilight's last gleaming over USCG Barque Eagle as seen from Gazela's stern before Baltimore fireworks, Sept. 13.

Marcus entertains fireworks crowd with his concertina rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, Sept. 13.

Guests from PNC Bank enjoy fireworks from front row seats on Gazela, Sept. 13.

Fireworks as seen from Gazela reflect on the water at Baltimore Inner Harbor on Sept. 13.

Moving moment as crowd turns out to bid us farewell at Baltimore Inner Harbor on Sept. 16 with Lynn and Ed at helm.

Ship's mate, Ed, orders Gazela's course with Marston at the helm as we return from Baltimore, Sept. 16.

Lynn, Engineer Jack and Tony enjoy a quiet moment on the return trip home, Sept. 16.

Marcus and Steve making gaskets under an evening glow, on the Chesapeake, Sept. 16.

Ethan, 15, is posted at lookout position 1 on approach to C&D Canal on Sept. 16.

As Gazela approaches the C&D Canal, Sam stands ready at dock line 1, Sept. 16.

Dawn at Schaefer's Canal House in Chesapeake City, Md. with our friends on Kalmar Nyckel. Not many bars get to have two ships like this pull up out back, Sept. 17.
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